Project Areas

Documenting Stan's Extensive Body of Work for Future Generations

Supporting the Spiritual Emergence Network

Connecting People and Catalyzing Emergent Projects

Our Projects

Journey of Consciousness Movie

A feature-length documentary that preserves and explores Stan Grof’s life: from his psychedelic experience, radical theories about consciousness, and anecdotes about the birth of transpersonal psychology.

Spiritual Emergence Network

Promoting awareness, respect, & understanding of psychospiritual growth.

Maintaining a therapist referral service for those experiencing spiritual emergence, and networking with Spiritual Emergence Networks in other countries.

Archiving Stanislav Grof's Contributions

Professional videography of Stan's lectures and seminars worldwide to create a multimedia archive of his contributions for generations to come.

Transpersonal Visionaries Project

Collecting and creating a multimedia archive of important contributions from the Transpersonal community.

Sharing Breathwork Globally

Offering financial assistance and other support to allow trained facilitators to bring Holotropic Breathwork to people in countries that cannot afford it.

Connecting & Catalyzing

We are always interested in helping to connect people and catalyze emerging projects. 

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