How We Work

A Working Board

The Grof Foundation is becoming a Teal* organization that operates in a self-organizing and self-managing way. This will allow us to better serve our purpose by being able to rapidly change and adapt. These ideas very much parallel Stan’s holotropic paradigm shift of moving toward wholeness as well as the open space technology we often use to connect people and catalyze emergent projects.  

Board members often work as members of small  self-organizing teams on projects that they are passionate about. 

What is Teal?

  *Teal refers to a level of consciousness that recognizes there is a momentum in evolution towards ever more complex and refined ways of dealing with the world. At this level, an internal compass guides us pointing us to inner rightness, as we shift from external to internal yardsticks in our decision-making. Growing into our true natures and working toward our callings are our driving force, where life is seen as a journey of discovery, as we strive for wholeness within ourselves, between people, as well as with life and nature.  

Interested in working with us?

As an emergent organization, we are currently in the midst of transformation! If you are interested in finding out more about our organization and how you might be able to participate or contribute, feel free to contact us.

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