ITC Prague 2017

September 28 - October 1

The Grof Foundation is proud to be a co-sponsor of the upcoming International Transpersonal Confererence in Prague this fall. 

We are excited to be with the amazing group of speakers and people gathered to explore how we might all become involved in new possibilities of change, as we strive to move towards wholeness.

A Community Exploration Open Space

We live in challenging times. How can the people gathered here make a real difference?

In this highly dynamic, participatory session, organized and facilitated by the Grof Foundation, we will consider together how the people gathered here can make a real difference.

In this session, there will be no lectures and no ‘experts’—just the passion and curiosity that you bring to this important conversation. You will have the chance to discuss your learnings from the conference, generate new ideas, develop some exciting new projects, and deepen friendships and connections from around the world.Some questions that emerge might be: Does the transpersonal vision have something valuable for the world? How can it be applied to activism? What areas of the transpersonal vision are still unexplored? What is the next step? Can we create meaningful projects that will impact urgent social and political issues?SPACE IS LIMITED * PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED PARTICIPANT OF THE ITC CONFERENCE TO JOIN THIS EVENT

How you can be ready:

  • Make sure to pre-register at the link below.
  • Bring your passion and curiosity, an open heart and open mind.
  • Make sure to attend the very beginning -- to learn how the process works and get started. (This is required for participation.)
  • Reflect on what is most important to you about the theme. This is because anyone who wants to will have the opportunity to host a breakout session on any issue related to our theme. This could be sharing a project you are developing or an exciting idea you have. Or it could be posing a soul question that has been bubbling up for you. You don’t need to have the answer--a question will do. This doesn’t even have to be a discussion--you could host a poetry writing session or a city walk–as long as it addresses our theme.

PROCESS:The process we will use for this four-hour experience is called Open Space. Open Space has been used around the world over 100,000 times, for everything from industrial design to peace conferences. It is a very dynamic, fluid, and interactive way to access the wisdom of a large group, discover archetypal dynamics, and solve complex problems. The Grof Foundation has made this a cornerstone of the way we work, as it is based on trust, emergence, and self-organization.

Register for the Community Exploration Open Space

Registration is mandatory and participation is limited for this event. Sign up now to ensure your place.  We hope to see you there!